Monday, March 17, 2014

Revisions Made to PA SFI Timber Harvester Training Program Policy Pennsylvania SFI Timber Harvester Training Program Policy is administered by the Training Committee, a subcommittee of the Pennsylvania SFI Implementation Committee (SIC). The Training Committee is responsible for oversight and review of course development, training program policy, and training program direction.

In order to maintain program integrity and to ensure that policy expectations are clearly defined and administered fairly for participants it is often necessary to make revisions to the training program policy from time to time. The current program policy was adopted at the beginning of 2012. Since that time, training participants and others have raised a number of questions and issues that were not clearly addressed by the current policy.

After reviewing and discussing these issues the Training Committee recently approved some revisions that should help better define training requirements for those who participate in the program. It should be noted that none of these revisions change the basic requirements of the PA SFI Training Program, rather they simply provide additional clarification of requirement expectations. The revisions were approved and incorporated into the current policy on 03/13/14. If you participate in the PA SFI Professional Timber Harvester Training Program I would encourage you to take a few minutes to review and familiarize yourself with the Training Program Policy. It can be accessed through the "Training Requirements" menu item under the LOGGERS heading on the PA SFI website: