Friday, August 14, 2015

NEW: Hands On Diesel Engine and Hydraulic System Safety Training

Schneebeli Earth Science Center
203 Allenwood Camp Lane
Montgomery, PA 17752

This fall the Pennsylvania SFI Professional Timber Harvester Training Program will be offering two new hands-on training courses designed to help participants gain a better understanding of diesel engine and hydraulic systems safety, operation, diagnostics, and maintenance.

Sat. October 17, 2015
    Hydraulic Safety

Sat. October 31, 2015
    Electronic Diesel Controls

The two 8-hour courses will be taught by instructors in the Pennsylvania College of Technology's Heavy Construction Equipment Program and will be held at the school's Earth Science Center in Montgomery, PA. Each training qualifies for 2 years of continuing education credit.

The electronic diesel controls course will introduce participants to the theory and operation of electronically controlled engine systems such as: fuel systems, mechanical systems, sensors and control modules. General system diagnostics and basic electronics troubleshooting will also be

Photos courtesy of Penn College of Technology
The hydraulic safety course will introduce 
participants to the theory of hydraulic operation,
nomenclature and function of associated
components, safety practices, general maintenance,
and diagnostic troubleshooting of hydraulic

The cost of each course is $75. Classes are limited to 25 participants, and registration is on a first-come first-served basis. Spaces are not reserved until the registration payment is received. Please be sure to register early to reserve your spot. Individuals can register for
these courses on the PA SFI website:

Monday, August 10, 2015

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